Toxic original 2 Stage Parts Kit


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This parts kit is very close to the single stage kit.  This has a design to give you the accuracy and feel of a 2-stage trigger without the high cost usually associated with that type set up.

  • Bolt Catch,   Bolt Catch Plunger,   Bolt Catch Roll Pin,   Bolt Catch Spring,  Buffer Retainer,   Buffer Retainer Spring,  Disconnect,   Disconnect Spring,   Hammer Pin,   Hammer Spring,   Magazine Catch,   Magazine Catch Button,   Magazine Catch Spring,   Pistol Grip (A2 style),   Pistol Grip Lock Washer,   Pistol Grip Screw,   Pivot Pin,   Pivot Pin Detent,   Pivot Pin Detent Spring,   Selector,   Selector Detent,   Selector Detent Spring,   Takedown Pin,   Takedown Pin Detent,   Takedown Pin,   Detent Spring,  Toxics Steel 2 stage Trigger & Hammer system, Trigger Guard,  Trigger Guard Roll Pin, Trigger Pin, Trigger Spring
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