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America’s Ardaddy Gun Shop!

We’re not a huge company that focuses on our bottom line more than their customers but we are not just some guy selling guns and parts out of his garage. We are large enough to deliver but small enough to care about each and every customer.

We try to find the best parts at the best price. We are shooters and hunters. We love god and our country. We have never tried to be the cheapest on the internet, rather the best value in the world. We personally use or try every part that comes into our warehouse. Give us a shot, you won’t regret it.

Indoor range

The staff and crew here at ARDADDY spend countless hours in the field-testing products before ever offering them to our customers. We actually reject more product than we list on our site. We feel this time spent in the field is what our customers deserve, and what they wish they could do if not buying online, so we do that part for you and why not, who doesn’t want to spend time at the ranging testing gear?


If you are tired of not getting calls back, automated email responses that have nothing to do with the reason you emailed in the first place, you will love our customer service department. Of course, our phones are busy, but we try to return every call and email the same day. We are customers to, and we treat every customer like we would want to be treated. Email will always be the quickest way to get a reply from one of our staff.

Online store

We spend countless hours every week scouring every corner of the United States for parts. Some parts are hard to find, and sometimes we even have to pay more, but we do it because sometimes our customers just need it today. Our warehouse is full of inventory, so be sure to check back every week for new items added to our website.

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