Kye Kelley SHOCKER Limited Edition 5.56 Rifle


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You are looking at the official Kye Kelley Limited Edition Shocker AR15. This is the new model for 2024.

This one is ultra rare.  The rarest of the Kye Kelley series.

There will be only 6 made like this one, and Kye Kelley owns one of them, so only 5 others other than the one Kye Kelley owns.

This rifle is chambered in 5.56 which shoots both 5.56 and .223.

Like the Shocker, it just simply has the best of everything built into one AR that is worthy to have the Shocker name on it.

It has a USA made 7075 Forged Aluminum Lower and Upper receiver.

The Toxic Arms handguard is the Ultra-Light version taking off un-needed weight without loosing durability.

The muzzle brake has 6 door breaching spikes, you never know when you might run out of ammo.  It is also incredible stopping muzzle rise and kick.  The perfect brake for quick follow up shots.

The barrel is Nitrided match grade for ultimate durability and accuracy.

Both the ejection port cover and forward assist are aluminum.  On most AR’s, these are the first items that rust, well not on Kye Kelley’s Shocker AR15.

The bolt stop is extended and cast.

The ever important Bolt Carrier Group is Toxic Arms best BCG, NICKEL BORON.

The trigger group is the TNT Toxic Trigger system which we have been told out performs many drop in triggers, keeping you on target.

The grip is a 17 degree grip making for a much more comfortable and natural feeling trigger pull.

It has both and Ambi Charging handle and Ambi Safety.

While most AR’s have a cheap plastic trigger guard, Kye wasn’t having it, he wanted a large aluminum trigger guard in case you wear gloves while shooting.

The extended end plate just adds to the versatility to where you can attached a sling.  This is added to  QD mounts on both the stock and handguard.

To top the whole thing off, included with be a Toxic Arms Collector series card, hand signed by Kye Kelley himself.

**** The photo is of an example gun.  They are hand made.  Please allow 6 – 10 days for your gun to be built and customized.

Upper Receiver:  7075 forged Toxic Arms    –   Lower Receiver: 7075 forged Diamond Back Series   –   Handguard:  Special Made 15.5″ Ultralight Toxic Arms   –   Barrel: 16″ Match Grade Nitrided Toxic Arms   –   Muzzle Brake:  Jagger II Toxic Arms   –   Gas Block and Gas Tube:  Toxic Arms   –   Bolt Carrier Group:  Nickel Boron, Toxic Arms   –   Ejection Port Cover:  Billet Aluminum, Toxic Arms   –   Forward Assist:  Aluminum, Toxic Arms   –   Trigger Group:  TNT Trigger Group   –   Bolt Catch:  Enhanced Battle Arms Development   –   Lower Parts Kit:  Enhanced Toxic Arms   –   Extended Takedown Pins:   Toxic Arms   –   Buffer Tube Kit:  USA Toxic Arms

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