YELLOWSTONE AR15 5.56, 300 Blackout or 350 Legend 223 Wylde


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The Yellowstone Train Station Ar15 is a strait up head turner!! We have a good solid foundation to this rifle starting with the Toxic Provider Lower and Toxic Arms Upper Receiver.

Then we add the Ultra Light Series Toxic 15.5″ handguard with Can to give it a super cool look with the 16″ Barrel.

This gun can be ordered in 5.56, 223 Wylde, 300 Blackout or 350 Legend.  Just let us know what caliber after the order.

This is certainly a one of a kind gun.  So much that each one is hand made to order by one of our ARtists.
It has a high end Ambi Charging handle.
It sport and aluminum Ejection Port cover and forward assist.  These parts almost always rust first on most AR15’s.  Not this gun as they have been upgraded.

The entire gun is made with some of the most durable parts we can find.

The base color is custom mixed for ARdaddy from Cerakote

It has the Crown muzzle brake we have found does an incredible job of keeping the rifle steady and reducing the “kick” for fast follow up shots.

This AR also has the matched stock and grip, giving it a super cool look.
The grip is an AVRI brass knuckle style just adding to the cool factor of the rifle.

** These are custom Made, so no 2 are alike.  They usually take 5 – 7 days to complete and be shipped from our warehouse.  Though the rifle will be VERY close to the one in the photo, it will not be exact as they are hand cerakoted.  

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