DONT TREAD ON ME AR15 RIFLE 5.56 .223 CUSTOM Cerakoted AR 15


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The Dont Tread on Me AR15 is a strait up head turner!! We have a good solid foundation to this rifle starting with the Toxic Provider Lower and Toxic Arms Upper Receiver.

Then we add the T-Rex 17″ handguard with Can to give it a super cool look with the 16″ Barrel.

It is finished off with a 16” 5.56 barrel which also shoots .223.

This is certainly a one of a kind gun.  So much that each one is hand made to order by one of our ARtists.

It has a high end Ambi Charging handle.

It has a custom Dont Tread On Me Ejection Port cover. (dust cover)

The entire gun is made with some of the most durable parts we can find.

It has the “CAN” muzzle device was chosen so that all of the “blowback” leaves through the front of the gun, so that nothing gets neer the oversized handguard.

This AR also has the matched stock and grip, giving it a super cool look.
The grip is an aluminum ultra-light as you can see by the pictures.
The stock is the TF Cobra which has additional storage if needed.

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