Toxic .750 Adjustable Gas Block


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AdustToxic:  The Toxic Adjustable Gas Block allows the user to finely tune their gas system for any application. This is particularly useful for managing excess gas to reduce blowback on suppressed firearms, or competition builds where the shooter is looking to mitigate recoil.


Machined from steel and black nitrided for durability. This Toxic gas block lets you adjust the amount of gas flow, so you can fine tune gas output for reliable extraction and ejection with different ammo types. Dual bottom screws secure block to barrel.


 Our Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block has a .750 size and can be used when installing a Pistol, Carbine, Mid or Rifle length barrel.  It is low profile so it will work with most all free float handguards. 

Can Be used in most any configuration as this Low Profile Gas Block will fit under almost any available hand guard or free float quad rail.

The gas tube mounts to the Toxic gas block just like it would to your regular gas block but it is sleek and ultra light weight.   Made of steel without the weight. 


All required installation hardware is included:

stainless adjustment screw
stainless locking screw
2 set screws
2 hex keys
roll pin

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