Steady X by Toxic


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This is a brand new style for Toxic Arms. The STEADY X!!! This is a combo muzzle brake & compensator.

The Steady X is MADE IN THE USA by shooters for shooters.


The Steady X is 2.25″ long

We have tested hundreds of muzzle brakes and compensators. We went on a very simple mission, don’t think about looks or anything else superficial, focus 100% on what will keep your barrel steady and remove as much kick as possible. After years of T&E, this is the final result!

It is threaded 1/2 X 28 so it will fit most ar15’s with a .223 , 5.56, 224 barrel.

It has a beautiful flat black Oxide coating

If you want something that simply does what a muzzle brake is suppose to do ….. this is your brake!!

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