Mil-Spec Trigger Group for AR15 – AR10


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This is an upgrade TNT trigger and hammer set. It can be used as a direct replacement for Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receivers. Hammer and Trigger set complete with disconnector, pins and all springs

Each trigger is machined in the lengthwise direction along the axis of the trigger. This results in a much smoother pull that can mimic the feel of an expensive drop in trigger. In a blind test, people have chose our trigger over drop in triggers, with our triggers systems costing a fraction of the drop in trigger.

We use an old school Lost Wax Casting technique. Many other mil-spec triggers found on the market today use the much more economical method of metal ejection molding. Lost wax casting is a more expensive way to make parts, but you get what you pay for …. Your trigger and hammer will be more reliable and durable.

We feel this is the best mil-spec fire control group available today because we didn’t cut any corners in making this system the smoothest, best built trigger system on the planet.

• Lost wax casted hammer and trigger

• Trigger and Hammer is CNC Machined

• Stamped disconnector

• All parts are precision ground

• All parts are Heat Treated

• All parts are Phosphated

• Everything is MADE IN THE USA.

Includes Trigger and Hammer Pins
Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, and Disconnect Spring is also included.
(springs may vary in color depending on batches)

Fits: AR-15 or AR10

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