Side Charger Hunter Limited Edition AR15 300 Blackout


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This is the side charging limited edition rifle built solely for ARdaddy.
It was designed for the hunter in mind with every aspect of the gun.
It is chambered in 300 AAC Blackout which is a great hunting round utilizing the .308 bullet.  If you would rather have a 5.56/223 or 350 legend, please just email us at and we can start the process.

It all starts with a radical lower fitted with a side charging upper.  It has a 15″ handguard that is easy to grip and shoot.

It has rubber feel cheek piece on the stock for a solid mount while shooting.

The muzzle brake was designed for less kick and rise of the barrel, so it is much faster to get back on your target if needed.

The side charging handle makes it very easy to chamber the first round into the gun, it is semi automatic, so the other rounds will automatically chamber.

There is a limited number of these sold every year, so get yours today before they are all gone.

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