Anderson AR15 Rifle BYOG 5.56 .223 or 300 Blackout BO Complete Kit AR 15




You are looking at a rare COMPLETE Build Kit that includes everything you need to build an AR15 Rifle yourself and save piles of money.
We will also include a link to a detailed video to show you how to assemble if you need help.
You can choose between 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout.  (please shoot us a message after the sale with your choice)
Buying an AR15 is awesome… but building one yourself, is just Super Special.
You will receive the following parts to build this one of a kind rifle.
Anderson Lower Receiver … GHOST model.
Apex Upper Receiver
Apex T-Rex Handguard
Lower Parts Kit
Upper Parts Kit
Buffer Tube Kit
Bolt Csarrier Group
Charging Handle
16″ AR15 barrel (5.56 which also shoot .223 … OR… 300 Blackout, your choice)
Flash Hider with Crush Washer
Gas block with barrel matching gas tube
Mil-Spec stock
Everything you need is there in case I forgot to mention something


Don’t miss out on your very on QUALITY AR15 for under $400.

Notes:  springs may vary in color. Items shown in package, will be sent in bulk, typically sealed in plastic, retail boxes are not included.  Magazine is not included.

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