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The custom American Flag rifle is a strait up head turner!!
This is the 2nd Generation American Flag Rifle
Toxic has a good solid foundation to this rifle starting with the 7075 AluminumToxic Lower and and Upper Receiver.

Then they add the Toxic 15″ Pro series handrail
The Grip and Stock is also color matched on the version.
It also comes with a removable rubber pad to help absorb some kick if needed.
This rifle also sports the Crown Muzzle Brake which does it all, but most of all helps you get that second shot on target quick!!

It is finished off with a Toxic Arms 16” 5.56 barrel which also shoots .223.

Each one is hand made and no 2 are exactly alike. 

The rifle from head to toe is just plain quality and beauty!

It has both and ambi charging handle and safety.
It also has extended takedown pins.

No expense was spared making this head turner.
This rifle also features and aluminum ejection port cover and forward assist.  Those 2 parts are almost always the first to rust on any AR15, not this one though!!

(IF you prefer a different caliber, please feel free to shoot us an email after the sale or call us and let us know.)

This gun takes 5 – 14 days to complete if we don’t have one in stock.  Every one is custom made by one of our AR-tist, so no 2 are exactly like as these are not simply “dipped”, they are done by hand and seal coated.  (Seal Coat was developed for the Navy Seals to withstand the harshest environments.)

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