Hera CQR GEN2.0 Front Grip BLACK


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Designed with professionals and hunters in mind, the HERA CQR Gen 2.0 fore grip perfectly complements the AR-15 platform, enhancing performance on various firearms. When paired with the CQR Gen 2.0 buttstock, it forms one of the most compact and ergonomic fixed-stock systems on the market. Engineered for precision and control, this combination excels in both free-hand shooting and tactical situations.

Designed with versatility in mind, the fore-grip incorporates quick detach (QD) eyelets, facilitating swift attachment of a sling swivels featuring a ball lock system. Moreover, its innovative design and high quality polymer effectively suppresses recoil, ensuring enhanced stability and accuracy during rapid fire.

Crafted from impact-modified polymer, the CQR Gen 2.0 fore-grip and buttstock boast lightweight properties without compromising durability, enabling agile maneuverability without sacrificing performance. Available in black, tan, and green, these components offer both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

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